Spring CSA – Week 2

28 Feb

The first week of our CSA was awesome! I was really excited to figure out what to do with our produce box. It was especially fun because I had a couple things I’d never cooked with before, like beets and collards.

Green Smoothie... delicious!This week is a little more of a challenge — the box is almost entirely greens. This is pretty typical for CSAs in the spring, since greens are what’s in season. But I generally don’t eat much or cook much greens, and if I do, it’s mainly just spinach. The first step was asking a coworker to help me identify what was what in my box! The next step was figuring out meals. I figured I’d be doing a lot of salads, soups, sauteed greens, and maybe a new version of a green smoothie. I think the only thing I had cooked with before was the bok choy and the lettuce, so another challenge!

In the end, I ended up eating out a lot this week. My goal is to cook more next week!

What’s in my CSA box this week?

1/2 lb of Turnip Greens (O)
1 Butterhead Lettuce (O)
1.3 lbs of Rutabagas (O)
1 bunch of Bok Choy (S)
1 oz of Curly Parsley (O)
1 bunch of Mustard Greens (O)
1 kohlrabi (my coworker shared from her box!)

(O=Certified Organic. S=Sustainably Grown)

What we made:

Day 1

Delicious stir fry! Rutabaga, kohlrabi, and last week’s carrot chopped into matchsticks; baby bok choy and last week’s cabbage; two fried eggs; soy and oyster sauce; brown rice.

Day 2

Green smoothie, this time with turnip greens instead of kale.

I sauteed some mustard greens and mixed it with rice and leftover carrot/potato soup that a friend made. The soup was amazing. But it turns out, I DO NOT like mustard greens. I picked them all out and enjoyed the soup.

[Worked late and picked up some fast food on the way home.]

Day 3

Green smoothie. I mixed in a bit of parsley along with the turnip greens.

[Ordered out with my coworkers.]

[Dinner with friends.]

Day 4

[Slept late and skipped breakfast. Definitely should have had a smoothie.]

[Brunch out with friends.]

[Dinner out with my family.]

Day 5

Green smoothie.


Mashed rutabagas and a green salad with barbecue pork chops.

Day 6 -Mon

Green smoothie with rutabaga leaves.

[Leftovers] I did add a chopped tomato from last week to an avocado to make up some guacamole.

[Out to eat to use a Groupon that was about to expire.]

Day 7

Green smoothie with rutabaga leaves, turnip greens, and a bit of parsley.

Leftover stir fry.

Leftover mashed rutabagas and pork chops.

Day 8

[Leftover pasta for breakfast]

Green smoothie for lunch.

See? WAY TOO MUCH eating out. I did have a whole lot of green smoothies though. Next week will be better!


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