Update: My New Leaf

26 Apr

Remember how I said I was turning a new leaf? Well, here they are… literally. Ha.

On my balcony, I’m growing little tiny lettuces in a big silver paint can…

Aren't you the cutest little lettuces I've ever seen! Yes you are!

… some basil


… and rosemary, but it’s like Where’s Waldo in that little green pot.

I call it Rosemary's Baby.

My friend Ted helped me plant the lettuce and the rosemary. The basil was a fully-grown birthday gift from friends.

The basil-gifting friends were very impressed that I was attempting to grow rosemary from seed. Since I didn’t know this was a hard thing to do, this just sparked waves of anxiety, especially since I had had little lettuce sprouts for over 2 weeks and wasn’t seeing anything happening in the rosemary pot. But all the sudden, I noticed that one tiny little piece of rosemary! I whisper encouragement to it every morning so it will grow strong and healthy. It’s definitely the runt of the litter out there.

Now I just have to figure out how I’m going to use that basil.


One Response to “Update: My New Leaf”

  1. the Ted in question April 29, 2011 at 8:42 am #

    Little tiny lettuces are looking good. I’ve been tweeting when stuff sprouts, and Ross has been mocking me about it. My rosemary had a slightly better germination rate than yours, but only just. See you all soon.

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