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Cookie Fail

23 Nov

Last week, I had the brilliant idea to make fall-themed cookies to take to a work party so people could decorate them as a fun fall craft. I had the office party planner purchase sprinkles and different colors of gel icing. And the night before, when I got home from a late evening at work and remembered at 9:30pm that I was supposed to bake a couple dozen cookies, I went ahead with my cookie plan anyway.

Since I was in a rush, I went with prepared sugar cookie dough. Maybe this was in itself the entire problem with this plan, but I’m not sure. I rolled out the cookie dough using Betsy’s borrowed rolling pin and got it nice and thin. I had adorable leaf, turkey, and acorn cookie cutters. I tried to cut the dough and move them to a pan, but they were wayyy too mushy. I eventually got frustrated and threw some flour around in an attempt to make the dough more workable. This only resulted in mushy dough and flour everywhere. I managed to get a few cookies transferred to the pan.

This is supposed to be a turkey:"Turkey" Cookie

This is supposed to be a leaf: "Leaf" Cookie

The acorn actually came out looking half decent:"Acorn" Cookie

I grew frustrated enough with the results by 10:45pm — only minutes until my bedtime and I was still in the kitchen — that I gave up with the cookie cutters, rolled the dough back into a log, and sliced it into round cookies. I was worried that the batch with all the extra flour in it would no longer be sweet enough, so after I put them on the pan, I pressed a few orange M&Ms into each of them.

For all my trouble, I ended up with a few misshapen fall cookies and a couple dozen nice-looking, thin, crispy, delicious sugar cookies. A few people enjoyed decorating them at the party, even though they were round.

Fall Cookies... More like Fail Cookies

How Sue Sees It:

  • If I may say so myself, I am fantastic with dessert — cakes, cupcakes, pies, cobblers, anything chocolate-covered. However… I SUCK AT COOKIES. I have a few more cookie plans coming up with the winter holidays, and I will most definitely be waiting until Betsy has some free time. The lady is a whiz at cookies.
  • Give people some sugar cookies and icing, and they will be happy. So… cookie kind-of-fail.